Introduction to Ledger Nano S

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Ledger Nano S cryptocurrency hardware wallet

Ledger Nano is a hardware/cold storage wallet used to store cryptocurrencies. Aside from storing your digital currencies on a paper wallet, a hardware wallet would be the next to come to heart because of its security features. The main reason people make use of the hardware wallet is to secure their private keys which are the doorway to the cryptocurrencies you own. Despite the device on which a private key might have been generated, it can be accessed through any other channel such as from within a desktop wallet, mobile wallet, or an exchange that allows anyone to access their coins using their private keys.
The only way you can be safe is by making sure your private keys are hidden where no one can see them and also are not on devices connected to the Internet neither should you make them accessible via your email address.
If security is essential to you, then you will want to know top reasons why you should own a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet which is presently the safest and cheapest you can find in the market.



Because your Internet service providers can be easily hacked and information stolen, this makes our small unit systems and mobile devices vulnerable as well. The most important thing about your wallet is your seed key/private key/recovery key. Therefore you don’t want it generated or stored on a device that could easily be hacked.
With the Ledger Nano Wallet, your private keys are seen by you alone through the OLED screen of the device. It is not accessible through your personal computer neither can it be copied. This leaves your private keys safe right on the device for your eyes alone to see.
Another level of security comes with you setting up a passcode for the device. If you lose it or it gets stolen, it’s of no use to whoever sees it unless the person can figure out your pin code in 3 trials. Failure to do so returns the device to factory setting, and your private keys would be required again.


Support For Cryptocurrencies

Having the Ledger Nano Wallet saves you having to download and install different wallets for all significant cryptocurrencies out there. With the Ledger Wallet, you can store the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, ZCash, Dash, Stratis, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic and many more. It presents you the opportunity to store all your assets in one place.


Easy To Use

The OLED screen and browser extensions for the Ledger Nano, you don’t have to be a tech expert to figure it out. Setting up the device is pretty easy all you need to do is follow the simple directions displayed on the device’s screen to save your private keys by writing them down and also setting up various cryptocurrency wallets by pressing down the buttons on the device to change screens and also to select characters and numbers.


Secure Transactions Confirmation

With an extra layer of confirmation, you are rest assured no one can send out any of your assets without having access to the device itself. In a case where hackers can remotely control your personal computer even while your Ledger Nano device is plugged into the USB port, they can do all other things except send out your cryptos. That’s because you have the device with you and you alone can authorize the transaction by holding down the buttons on the device. Until then is the transaction processed and transaction confirmed. As long as you don’t do this, then there is nothing to worry.